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Events – All Events on the back patio


Tues July 22nd; 7:30pm

Nathan Sutton


“Tower Grove Park”












Thus July 24th; 7:30pm

Randy Cauthen

presents his newest collection of poetry

“Slow Night”


Randy Cauthen is Poet in Residence and Associate Professor of English at Cal State, Dominguez Hills. He has also worked as a horse-drawn carriage driver, First Mate of an Erie Canal packet boat, disc jockey, bartender, and actor, most notably in the world premiere of Samuel Beckett’s “Radio One.” His previous books are The Use of Force (poems) and Black Letters (nonfiction).His blog Killing Goliath (in collaboration with Tom Dolan, Don Aplin, and Mike Haile) was named by The Guardian (London) as one of the best American antiwar resources during the Bush Administration’s marketing campaign for the Iraq War.


Slow Night is a book of lyrics set in the third century A.D. along the Silk Road, and written in the imagined voice of a poet named Po Kuan. Like many Chinese poets of his time and afterwards, Po was also a minor state official who, before the book itself takes place, was exiled for some unknown bureaucratic sin. He was unique in how far his exile took him — instead of traveling back and forth between individual stations on the Silk Road, Po appears to reached the outer edges of the Roman Empire, coming into contact with the various competing mythologies of that time and place. The persona of Po Kuan allowed (and in fact forced) Cauthen to write clearly and simply, using only the oldest poetic materials — wind and rain, mountains and deserts.


Fri July 25th; 7:30pm

Release party for

Joseph A. Pasquale’s

latest novel

“Hollywood Love Crimes”


Steve Abee author of

“Johnny Future”


JOSEPH A PASQUALE is the author of Hollywood Love Crimes and Hollywood Downbeat.  He has written 25 books and is the creator and owner of the “LOVE JUNKY” trademarked series. This series spans eight unpublished novels and seven short story books embracing thousands of pages and millions of words. Mr. Pasquale resides in Los Angeles, California where he is hard at work on revising and editing the novels and his unreleased body of “Love Junky” work.

STEVE ABEE began writing when he held a job as an orderly at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica. His mind started to unfold itself and he thought if he was going to save it, he better start writing things down. Abee has previously published two books, King Planet and The Bus: Cosmic Ejaculations of the Daily Mind in Transit. He teaches middle school English and lives on the eastern-most edge of Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.


Sat July 26th; 7:30pm

Another edition of

BUSted! True Stories about LA public Transportation.


  Los Angeles is world renowned as a horrible place to drive, with the most congested highways in America, but did you know that there are a select few adult Los Angelenos who DON’T DRIVE??

   BUSted!, features true stories about getting around Los Angeles, told by people who don’t drive. You’ll hear tales of freaks, creeps and rock and roll stars riding the busses and trains of Los Angeles. These true stories told by comedians, musicians, writers and other public transit miscreants, will make you laugh and/or freak you out.


Mon July 28th; 7pm

Will Chancellor

presents his debut novel

“A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall”

w/ live music from

Noah Lit


About the Book:

   Professor Burr has never been the father he wants to be. His son, Owen, captain of the Stanford University water polo team, bound for the Olympics in Athens, is blinded during a match and flees to Berlin without graduating. His disappearance triggers a call to action on the part of Dr. Burr. He dusts off his more speculative theory, Liminalism, to embark on a speaking tour, pushing his theory to its radical extreme—at his own peril and with Jean Baudrillard’s help—in order to send up flares for his son in Greece, Germany, and Iceland. A compulsively readable novel of ideas, action, and intrigue, A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall offers a persuasive vision of personal agency, art, family, and the narratives we build for ourselves.



Sunday Aug 3rd; 3pm

Steve Lowenthal


“Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey”

w/ special guests

fahey_dance_of_death_1024x1024Journalist Steve Lowenthal has spent years researching Fahey’s life and music, talking with his producers, his friends, his peers, his wives, his business partners, and many others. He describes Fahey’s battles with stage fright, alcohol, and prescription pills; how he ended up homeless and mentally unbalanced; and how, despite his troubles, he managed to found a record label that won Grammys and remains critically revered. This portrait of a troubled and troubling man in a constant state of creative flux is not only a biography but also the compelling story of a great American outcast.


Cafe Menu

Breakfast served til 1pm daily …

Breakfast Burrito ………………………………….     $6.75

Scrambled Eggs & Toast …………………………     $5.25

Scrambled eggs w/ fresh goat cheese & basil …   $7.25

Egg & cheese bagel ………………………………….   $4.95

Served all day, everday ….

Bagel & cream cheese ……………………………….. $2.95

Bagel & hummus made from scratch ……………  $3.95

Bagel & butter ………………………………………..   $2.50

Stories’ Neighborhood Famous Veggie Chili w/ cheese & onions ………..$6.75

Hummus with warm pita …………………………..  $4.50

Raisin Walnut Toast with Cialis fig jam, goat cheese & arugula …………………$6.25

Toast & Laura Ann’s Jam …………………………..  $4.25

Oatmeal w/ strawberry OR fig jam, cranberries & steamed milk ………..$4.95

Yogurt w/ fruit & MIXED artisan granola drizzled w/ honey ………….     $4.95

Kate’s Mid-West Chili- Mac …………………………. $6.95

Spicy mac n’ cheese w/ spinach salad ……………..$7.50

Fresh made sandwiches from our grab n go fridge!

Baked goods from Village Bakery!

Croissants from Bread Bar!

About Us

Stories Books and Cafe

 Stories Books and Cafe is Echo Park’s stalwart supplier of written works and organic/fair trade coffee and espresso. We carry both new and used books.

 The cafe offers baked goods from the award winning “BitterSweet Treats” and “The Village Bakery”. We have the delectable Laura Ann’s Jams,  and a variety of grab & go sandwiches.  Our espresso is hand roasted in Silver Lake by the beloved Cafecito Organico.

We sell new, used and rare books. Fiction, History, LA  Arcana, Art, Photography, Philosophy and more.

We also buy and trade. Our buying hours are generally between 11 to 8. Its best to call ahead to make sure a buyer is working. We do make house calls. Write to Alex@storiesla.com for info.

Any questions can be answered by calling 213 413 3733

for event booking info: Liz@storiesla.com & Alex@storiesla.com

Need a bookseller for your event? Write to Alex@storiesla.com


From Martha Stewart Magazine (weird, I know)

“Stories Books & Cafe has it all: a terrific selection of new and used books, a cafe that features delicious and locally sourced baked goods and organic coffee, and a busy schedule of readings and events.”

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The café hums and buzzes throughout the day with espresso drinks and coffee provided by Cafecito Oragnico – a local roaster who also have their own cafes located in Silver Lake.  The coffee beans come from South and Central America and create a drink that is rich and warm and full body. It’s a great way to start the day or take a break in the afternoon.

We are proud to be a retailer for Laura’s Ann artisanal jams (who knew bay leaf and strawberries made sense?) and Farmer Dave’s hot nuts ( spicy almonds with a kick) We serve breakfast in the morning and have mac n’ cheese, vegetarian chili and baked goods served all day.

The grab’ n go sandwiches and salads come from Delilah’s Bakery, those wildly delicious whoopee pies are crafted from Bittersweet Treats and the melt-in-your-mouth-brownies are from the Village Café in Atwater.

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We like to get people together and see what happens. Stories hosts monthly storytelling and reading events, sometimes poetry and parties with Los Angeles literary journal SLAKE and or our neighbor, 826LA – the youth creative writing center started by Dave Eggers. A few authors that have read for us are: Jerry Stahl, Lydia Lunch, Ralph Herzog, Joseph Mattson, Richard Lange, Patrick Dewitt, Kristen Hersh and John Tottenham. Stories is a music-centric bookstore and local bands have played as well: Henry Clay People, Amanda Jo Williams, Frank Fairfield, Triple Chicken Foot, Tommy Santee Klaws. What we think works best is stuff that’s acoustic/country/folkie/old-timey. Some Friday nights there’s a group of knitters and on late Saturday afternoons there sometimes chess games. Our events take place on the patio surrounded by potted plants, stray cats and strings of Christmas lights. If you are interested in doing a reading or putting on an event here please contact liz@storiesla.com


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The Store

Stories Books & Café opened in November 2008 by co-owners Claudia Colodro and Elizabeth Garo. As the world economy shifted and slid, we were  told how “brave” we were to open a business. Really, we were just too stubborn to do otherwise.

Stories embraced Echo Park and felt a kindred spirit with the neighborhood: both a mix of old, new, creative, resourceful, tenacious and always evolving. The front counter and some shelves came from Dutton’s Books in Brentwood, the table tops on the patio are made from the original store sign, Claudia found the wall paper at a garage sale, Liz’s dad did most of the paintings and the enchanting mural outside was there when they moved in. Stories Books & Café opened with humble goals: to be part of the community, to provide an inspired collection of books, to serve a good cup of coffee and to create a place where a person wanted to be.


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We have gift items for those with creative taste and those who like their basics with a twist. Reading Is Sexy coffee mugs, over sized matchboxes, a hand & heart bottle opener, birds’ nests and pretty blue eggs, perfumed candles and Echo Park t-shirts.

We have cards for all occasions and journals for your scribbled thoughts, work-in-progress poetry or just if you need a place to keep all your “things to do.”

We carry Geronimo Postcards with real images of Los Angeles: coyotes, a car cruising at sunset, eastside landmarks and commercial folk-art.
And yes we are happy to gift wrap – butcher paper with a pretty fabric bow.

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Used Books: Buy-Sell-Trade

We like words – the way they’re put together and the way they fall apart. We like to turn a page and feel the weight of a book in our hands. The old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true as we find our books in thrift stores, garage sales, from an Aunt cleaning out a closet or a friend about to move.

We take in used books and will give you cash or store credit;  best to bring them by after  2pm.

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We like words – the way they’re put together and the way they fall apart. We like to turn a page and feel the weight of a book in our hands. The old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true as we find our books in thrift stores, garage sales, from an Aunt cleaning out a closet or a friend about to move. We take in used books and will give you cash or store credit;  best to bring them by after  2pm. We carry new books too but instead of just grabbing national best sellers, our selection is handpicked and curated.  You’re going to find new authors on small presses, classic literature, thought challenging philosophy, cookbooks, history, crime, LA noir, and lots of classic titles from John Fante, Bukowski, Carver, Murakami, Jane Austen and other greatest hits. There will be weird art books, rock star bios and lots of colorful playful kids books. We’ve recently launched our own eBay store http://myworld.ebay.com/storiesla with hard-to-find-treasures and collectibles.

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    Used Books: Buy-Sell-Trade

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You can purchase more books online through our  Stories Ebay Store..

Lots Tramadol Hcl of hard to find titles available




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Book Buying:

Our buying hours are generally between 11 to 8. Its best to call ahead to make sure a buyer is working. We do make house calls. Write to Alex@storiesla.com for info.

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